CSS framework is used to create websites and achieve various goals. JavaScript frameworks and web application frameworks are two common web design framework types. Standard CSS styles are created for design tasks and reused for other projects. In this article, we have discussed 10 popular CSS frameworks such as:

960 grid system

The 960 grid system is a popular framework widely used to simplify web development workflows. By using this framework, you can deliver usable sizes that depend on the width of 960 pixels. In general, the 960 grid system is most commonly used for rapid prototyping. However, integrating it into a production environment achieves good results.


YAML is another popular CSS scaffolding that can simplify bulletproof and flexible layout. It can basically be used as an (X) HTML / CSS structure to design innovative and flexible floating layouts. The framework allows you to use complete multilingual documents, and can also provide design patterns such as tables and layouts.

YUI grid CSS

YUI Grids CSS is a popular framework that provides many functions to users. In addition to six preset templates, YUI Grids also offers over 1,000-page layout combinations, which can be used for a wide variety of design and development purposes. Other valuable features include extensive A-level browser support and flexible font size adjustment.

Elements CSS framework

Elements Framework provides designers with a fast and effective way to write CSS. Element CSS is a compilation of files and directories to simplify writing CSS. This easy to use and lightweight framework adds styles to external links and is easy to upload.

BlueTrip CSS framework

Blue Trip is a beautiful framework that contains many useful functions. Previously, the framework provided the functions and features of other popular frameworks, although it has now become its own. The framework offers many styles to easily create a website.

Content style

Stylized content is a popular and useful framework that can be used to manage the structure of a website. Using this CSS you can easily build a structure for web design. More importantly, the framework is also widely used for typographic design elements.

Flexible CSS framework

Elastic CSS Framework can easily create elastic, fluid and solid layouts. The framework follows the principle of print layout technology, of which 4 columns are standard specifications. More importantly, it supports an unlimited number of column combinations to ensure more features and more flexibility for users.

CSS boilerplate

Css boilerplate is a simple CSS for design purpose. As a simplified framework, this CSS provides all the important functions of the startup project. This is a lightweight CSS that avoids non-semantic naming conventions.

jQuery UI CSS framework

The jQuery UI CSS framework provides many design features such as rich effects and UI widgets and a powerful theme framework. Using this framework some prominent features such as theme widgets, low level interactions and animations. This framework is used to create highly interactive web applications.

Smart CSS

CleverCSS is a useful framework for building style sheets in a structured way. Using this framework, style sheets will be cleanly created for design purposes. The framework can be used for structural styles as it is more powerful than CSS2.


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