About Us

For those who keep themselves abreast of Web designing and other front end design, Online tutorials provides them with the better possible content that can help them in learning, tackling and sorting the matters of designing interest.
Online Tutorials is dotted about with front end codings. It offers short, creative and subtle videos in accordance with the viewer’s demand.
Online Tutorials was created in 2017 with the main objective of sharing solutions to the gobal viewers that can help them in developing interactive web design -user friendly.
We at Online Tutorials share our sound content on a daily basis on our YouTube channel “Online Tutorials”.


To feed our user with unique contents that are creative, responsive and qualitative in nature.


Online Tutorials keep pace with latest designing trends and reduce those design in chunks which are comprehensive in nature. Hence the prospect of learning various designing techniques is quite high and viewers will be able to do it at their own pace.


Putting our unbiased effort to create healthy materials on a daily basis.

Founder’s Gallery : Muhammad Irshad

Muhammad Irshad, a tech geek, designing enthusiast and a web expert is a graduate in computer science who is passionate about front end development. He always keep his tabs on latest web technologies and face no stigma in sharing those stuffs on his youtube channel. All his videos are comprehensive in nature. He generates his videos in such a unique way that pep his viewer up.
He has more tha five years of experience in the field of UX/UI. He has an area of expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, responsive website designing and other related web technologies.

Why Online Tutorials ?

  • Comprehensive in nature.
  • User-friendly
  • Interactive
  • Focussed on related topics.
  • Suits amateur designer to the T.

Note :

  • Looking for original contents ? Comprehensive in nature ?
    Dive in Online Tutorials and paddle your own canoe instead of relying on multiple sources which may or may not mislead you.
  • Looking forward for your suggestions. Kindly drop your suggestion on our website and youtube channel.
    Thank you for visiting my website and youtube channel.