HTML was originally used to design web pages, but it has many limitations and because of these limitations, we continue to look for more effective techniques. CSS has developed better as a web design option than HTML. This limitation has been removed in CSS. CSS is an abbreviation for Cascade style sheet. CSS website design is a web design method that allows content and design to be stored separately. If you use CSS to design web pages then your website has many advantages, for example it makes editing web pages easier, the web pages become more user-friendly, the loading time of the web pages is shortened and most importantly, the website becomes searchable. Motorbike friendly.

In recent years, the number of Internet users accessing websites through their portable, small screen mobile devices (such as cell phones, PDAs, etc.) has increased. Web pages designed by CSS make browsing websites on handheld devices easier. With this development, people can now browse websites outside the workplace, in the bedroom, or even while walking or driving. Designing with CSS can already do this, because CSS makes it possible to control the structure of a web page based on the resolution of the screen. You can create different CSS files to view at different resolutions, and display web pages based on the CSS defined for the target screen resolution. For example, you can create 3 column CSS website design layout to get the best display effect at 1024×768 pixels; create a 2 column CSS design layout for the best display effect at 800×600 pixels.

Usually a website’s CSS properties are managed by using external CSS files. Therefore, if users need to change their website, they only need to edit an external CSS file. Hence, using CSS design also makes website editing easier. Compared to other design tools, CSS website design is also easier to learn and understand. CSS offers a tabular design, so it helps to reduce web page code. Reducing the code size shortens the load time of a website designed with CSS, while a website created with HTML has more load time because the table structure has to be reloaded every time the user clicks on a new page.

CSS design can also help search engines expand the website easily. Hence, as mentioned above, CSS has all the advantages and is the best design tool for web designers. Beginners who want to become good web designers should start learning CSS after learning the basic HTML. You can start browsing any website that offers free CSS website design tutorials, or you can buy ebooks.

You can search many such sites with search engines, or see the following URL as an example.


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