How to choose the best programming language ?, What is the best programming language As a beginner, you will find yourself dealing with several programming languages. Wow, You will have to choose among the best. Not easy It is not easy to choose because each programming language seems to solve one or more programming problems however even if you have programming experience It is sometimes confusing to face this question.

I’ll show you, How to choose the best programming language?

What is a programming language?

You use your computer to program Internally, your computer has a “memory” where it stores both the data to be processed and the instructions that indicate how to do this processing Each instruction is in itself very simple; the more complex ones look like “multiply two numbers Your computer’s memory is made up of 8 elementary cells that can contain a 0 or a 1: this is called a “bit” A series of a few bits conventionally represents data (a number, a character, a point in an image, etc.), or an instruction for the computer.

Why so many languages?


A question that crosses the curious mind: but why are there several programming languages? Besides, how many are there?

To these two questions, I find a common answer If everyone agrees that the machine’s plain language (the default instructions in the computer) are too barbaric to be effectively used by programmers.

No one agrees with what form the “ideal” programming language should take The very existence of an ideal language, perfectly suited to all situations, is questioned by many.

Also, for several years, computer scientists invent, on average, one new programming language per week Inventing a language in this context amounts to:


– Design the syntax and semantics of the language;

– Describe the language in technical documentation;

– Implement the few tools necessary to run programs written in this language (i.e. software that translates, in one way or another, the language into a suite of native machine instructions )

How to choose?

To choose the best programming language, you need to know what you want right from the start Habits 2 from Stephen Covey’s book on the 7 Habits of Those Who Do What They Do. Classified case!

Knowing what you want allows you to develop a sense of responsibility and to keep a long-term vision on your project.

Based on your vision on the project you want to achieve, you will choose the one that most closely matches what you want to accomplish Here is the list of some programming languages ​​and how they are currently perceived by developers:



You find Python at the top of the list. Be careful, he may bite you!

It is widely accepted as the best programming language to learn first. Above all, it is simple After some testing, you will understand that Python is a fast, easy to use and easy to deploy programming language. Zero Suffering You can also use it to develop scalable web applications youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are all built-in Python Python provides excellent support for libraries and has a large community of developers.



You see it in second place because Java is another popular choice in large companies and it has been for years. It remains unbeatable!

Java is widely used to build enterprise-wide web applications.

Java is known to be stable and so many large companies have adopted it Learning Java will allow you to find development-based employment opportunities in a large company. Oh, in a bank!

For android applications that you can produce for a business, Java is still the best choice Almost every business today needs an Android app Because there are billions of Android users today.

This offers you a huge opportunity as Google has created an excellent Java-based Android development framework. This Very Top, Android Studio Android Studio is the tool that produces java applications like candy.

C / C ++

Use C / C ++ is like programming tools that complement each other.

If you are looking to develop a low-level system such as operating system, file system, algorithms for cryptography.

C / C ++ is the language you should learn. Congratulations, you will become a programming fan!


You won’t heavy, C ++ will allow you to do concurrent programming because it is extremely fast and stable. A bit like Flash with its velocity!


It also provides you with something called STL (Standard Template Library).


STL is a pool of ready-to-use libraries for your various data structures, arithmetic operations, and algorithms.

The library support and speed of the language also make it a popular choice in the high-frequency trading community.


You will choose JavaScript to do so-called “frontend” programming.


You will use JavaScript to design interactive front-end applications.


For example, when you click on a button that opens a popup, the logic is implemented through JavaScript.


Nowadays, you are going to find a lot of organizations, especially startups, using NodeJS which is a JavaScript-based runtime environment.


Node.js allows developers to use JavaScript to run server-side scripts on the server-side.


NodeJS produces dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user’s web browser.


So, with NodeJS, you can now use a single programming language for server-side and client-side scripting.


If you are looking for a tech job at your favorite startup, you should seriously consider learning JavaScript.

Little secret! This website is a product of JavasScript.


Don’t panic, the PHP language that was created to maintain a personal home page (PHP) for Rasmus. He was just doing his experiments You will find almost 75% of the websites created with PHP in the world today You are going to use PHP clearly as a scripting language, which runs on a server, to create web pages written in HTML No worries, it’s free, cheap, easy to install, and simple to use for new programmers You can also use it to create dynamic web page content and images used on websites.

You will find several personal websites (blogs) telling you about WordPress CMS (Content Management System) The truth is, PHP decreases site performance and affects load time.


I hope to have given a clue of a solution which can help you to choose the best programming language.


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