In this article, I’ll show you some tools and tips to use online or offline that will help you learn HTML and CSS as quickly as possible. Yes, it is possible to learn HTML in a week Any web developer is required to master HTML, CSS And JavaScript because the website, web platform, web application, finally everything that ends with the word web is based on them. Yes! Even on this blog, there are some If you are on your Google Chrome, Chromium, or Firefox browser, you can check every website you visit with this little shortcut.


Every time you access a platform in its web version, I think more of:

  • ➡️ Facebook watching your newsfeed
  • ➡️ Google is doing research.
  • ➡️ LinkedIn goes to read content about your profession.
  • ➡️ Feedly read the news about your passion.


You are consuming HTML, CSS, AND JS without even knowing it.

Simply because you are interested in what your eyes see but you cannot see what is behind it To learn practical-oriented technology faster There are several paths including:

  • ✅ Books
  • ✅ Courses and training
  • ✅ Online tools
  • ✅ Tutorials that deal with specific cases

The most important thing is to find quality content dedicated to learning. You don’t need to wake up “Einstein”.

I have put together everything you need to code with passion to finally become a better web developer.

Ah Yes, a bit like a menu at your favorite restaurant, you just have to choose the meal that suits you. Besides this 100% organic!

The 3 basic web technologies

What exactly is HTML?

H yper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the language used to organize a web page and what it can contain.


Think of it as the lines drawn only in pencil on the plan of a house, you can recognize the roof, the wall, the windows, the doors,…

On the map, you will find straight lines, curves, circles, curves, and finally everything you need to represent your house on paper.

Except that here, the content of your page can be organized like in a book. You will find elements that represent:


  • ➡️ titles;
  • ➡️ a set of paragraphs;
  • ➡️ a bulleted list;
  • ➡️ pictures;
  • ➡️ data tables;
  • etc, …

No one programs with HTML because it is not a programming language, I would rather say that developers type HTML code in the form of tags to define who will play the role of a paragraph, an image, arrays, … It is a language of markup.

  • <h1>Apprendre le langage Html</h1>
  • <p>

Is html language easy ?<br />

  • </p>

What is CSS, practically?

The Cascading Style S sheets (CSS) are the code used to format a web page If you see HTML as the drawing of the plan of your house, see CSS as the colored pencils with which you will give a somewhat realistic visual form to your plan In the same way as HTML, Nobody programs with CSS because it’s not a programming language, I would rather say that developers type CSS code in the form of tags to define who will play the role of a paragraph, an image, tables, … It is a style sheet language

  • H1 {
  • color: blue;
  • }
  • p{
  • color: red;
  • font-size: 14px;
  • }

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (JS stands for) is a lightweight scripting language not to be confused with Oracle’s Java language. It is object-oriented, mainly known as the scripting language for web pages because it is interpreted by almost any browser.


By default, you have a built-in JavaScript interpreter or script engine in your browser But you will also find it in other environments outside web browsers such as Node.js, Apache CouchDB, MongoDB,

JavaScript code is interpreted or compiled on the fly. It is an object-oriented language that allows programming according to several programming paradigms (vision of things) encountered.

Among the paradigms, there is type programming:


  • ➡️ functional;
  • ➡️ imperative;
  • ➡️ and object-oriented.

Learn with books

You’re the type to love books too much, you’ve never had a hard time finishing a book you’re passionate about. Really!

You get to put into practice the relevant advice from your favorite books. Here are two books that I recommend you to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create your first website

This is a great book for beginners in computer development who have never programmed with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The Zero!

These three languages ​​are covered in the book, really starting from scratch and going up to a level sufficient for the reader to be independent. Independence!

Through concrete examples and beyond the purely technical aspect of this training, the author transmits to the readers the main rules of the layout to be respected. The practice!

To make the site pleasant to the eye, user-friendly, and easy to use (use of the right format for images, sound, video) as well as good development methods and pitfalls to avoid. Ergonomics!

After reading this book, the reader will be able to create a functional website, but one that will not look like a site designed by a technician!

HTML, XHTML and CSS for Dummies

An essential book for any web designer or developerThis book is intended for novice developers who want to create a website using the web standards of HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. An important part of the book is devoted to the new standards brought by HTML 5.



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